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Cardio Workout for Beginners

Sarah Kusch, Level 33
Sarah Kusch
This is your second workout of the Weight Management Jumpstart program and it's all about low impact cardio. Cardio is an important element in building your fitness base and helps improve your mobility, support joint health, and promote fat loss. A common misconception with cardio is that is has to be done on a treadmill at the gym; not true! Sarah created this workout to be done anywhere. Remember to keep your spine safe, core engaged, and always listen to your body; if you need to take a break pause the video, grab some water, and come back when you're ready to finish.


No equipment is needed for this workout. An exercise mat is optional.

Warm up:
Side-to-side step
Overhead reach
Body circle

High knee march
Speed skater
Front kicks
Butt kicks
Tap and reach
Elbow drive
Crunch and punch
Short lunge with arm reach
Step out or fast feet
Cross and crunch

Up and over reach
Quad stretch
Tricep stretch
Hip hinge and reach

Cardio Workout for Beginners
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Tiffany L.
I am already loving your site. I did the Kick Your Abs workout the other night and it nearly killed me--in an awesome way!
Tiffany L.
It's time to do something good for yourself
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