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10 Vinyasa Yoga Videos for Relaxation

Leslie Vale • October 24, 2016
In Vinyasa, we practice breath initiated movement. Class pace is aerobic, fluid, and challenging for beginners. There is a strong emphasis on delicate transitions, with steadiness and ease recognized as elements of graceful movement. Refined movement through powerful postures create integrated strength, flexibility, and a kick butt workout.Move For Flexibility by Julie Montagu
1. Move For Flexibility
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Yoga is great for our physical lives because when our body feels good we feel more confident and happy. A regular practice will stretch out your limbs and improve flexibility, which is important for increasing our range of motion so we feel our best as we move through the day. In this Happy Yoga class, Julie will guide you through some of her favourite poses for increased flexibility and the release of muscular tension in the body.
2. Move and Breathe
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This entire yoga sequence is all about paying attention to your breath as you move. As you take deeper breaths you increase oxygen in you body which brings greater mental clarity. Join Julie for this rejuvenating Happy Yoga session that will allow you to completely unwind and find a sense of inner calm and serenity.
3. Julie's Simple Happiness Pose
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For those times when we are feeling not-so-great, practicing an inversion or ‘legs up the wall” pose can be an effective way to increase our energy levels, lower stress and boost our mood . In this session Julie will guide you through her “happiness pose” that she does each day to feel more energized, focused and present.
4. Harmony: Vinyasa Energy Flow
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Move in harmony! This 6th part in the 6 part series will incorporate all of the previous elements to align and harmonize our physical and energetic body. Emphasize the harmony within through breath, meditation, and movements that support balance to our Solar/masculine and Lunar/feminine aspects with our Grokker Yoga Expert, Christy Evans. This Grokker Premium Video will inspire, uplift, and expand from a grounded, connected, and centered sense of Self. All Levels
5. Danyasa: Graceful Warrior
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Find your stability, and discover creative expression. Through a playful flow of graceful movement, Grokker Yoga Expert Sofiah Thom will lead you to identify balance from core to roots. Sofiah will first prepare you with an invigorating flow, then empower you to creatively express your own dynamic warrior series through martial arts dance. This Grokker Premium video is creative, primitively elegant, and will awaken a new understanding of flow yoga. Intermediate. Music: 1. Subterranean Sanctuary / Desert Dwellers 2. Yoga Lila / Evan Fraser and Vir McCoy 3. Invisible Frontiers / The Polish Ambassador 4. Dragon's Mist (Kaminanada Re-Mist) / Desert Dwellers 5. Raga / Govinda
6. Danyasa: The Roots
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Get rooted with Danyasa basics. Designed to ignite the power of the bandhas, this Grokker Premium video will guide you through the foundation of muscle stabilization to more playfully discover a graceful flow. Beginning with your feet, hands and pelvic floor, then centering within the core as you wake up strength from the inside out. This is a powerful introductory sequence for intermediate students. Music: 1. 11 Spacious Offerings (Peace Mix) / Desert Dwellers 2. Dune Moon / Evan Fraser & Vir McCoy 3. Yoga Dub Mystic (Eastern Sun Remix) / Desert Dwellers 4. Subterranean Sanctuary / Desert Dwellers 5. Shivasana / Evan Fraser and Vir McCoy
7. Free Your Spine: Backbends
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A healthy spine is essential to unleashing the inherent freedom of your body, heart and spirit. By playing with spinal movement through backbends and experimenting with inversions and transitions, you will liberate powerful access points to spinal freedom. In this 3rd video in the Free Your Spine series with Grokker Yoga Expert Ashleigh Sergeant, you will explore new and familiar poses. Follow your own creative energy and discover new pathways to freedom in this Premium video. Suitable for Advanced Levels.
8. Earth and Sky, Root to Rise Flow
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Create a solid foundation in your practice to support the playful expressive freedom of your heart! Experience stability and freedom in a full body flow, lead by Grokker Yoga Expert, Rebecca Snowball, that peaks in Side Plank and Vasisthasana! This Grokker Premium video will show the way to a stronger vinyasa practice.
9. Kapha Vinyasa Flow
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In this class, stimulate and fire up your body's circulation of life-force energy to keep you inspired, motivated, and ready for a great day. In the ancient Hindu medical system of Ayurveda a “dosha” is one of three bodily humors that makes up one’s constitution: vata, pitta, and kapha. Kapha dosha is the blend of water and earth. If you're dominate dosha is Kapha, you have a strong build and great stamina; you tend to move more methodically, slowly, and have a deep ease about you. Out of balance, and you will experience lethargy. This class is perfect for stimulating the mind, and energizing the body to wake you up and get your juices flowing.
10. Inversion Series: Learn to Forearm Stand
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Create space and integrate strength in your shoulders in Forearm balance. Throughout this series, you will build the confidence and awareness necessary to balance upside down. In this video, Grokker Yoga Expert Patrick Beach will guide you through a series of shoulder, core, and and upper body strengthening exercises to prepare you for Forearm balance. This Grokker Premium video will give you tools necessary to add this posture to your daily practice. All levels.
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