Vinyasa Yoga

10 Vinyasa Yoga Videos for Teaching Yoga

Leslie Vale • May 13, 2015
In Vinyasa, we practice breath initiated movement. Class pace is aerobic, fluid, and challenging for beginners. There is a strong emphasis on delicate transitions, with steadiness and ease recognized as elements of graceful movement. Refined movement through powerful postures create integrated strength, flexibility, and a kick butt workout.Move For Flexibility by Julie Montagu
1. 15 Minute Yoga for the Low Back & Legs
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Low back pain is often due to tight hips and hamstrings, so this video intends to bring length and space to the legs. Hamstring stretches, hip openers, and twists are the bulk of this yoga video. Always move within a pain-free range.
2. Moves to Boost Energy
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Tara offers five moves to raise your energy level and leave you feeling ready to take on the day.
3. Build Strength Evenly
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Building strength evenly is important for starting out in yoga. Today I'm showing you some moves to get you started in that direction.
4. Energizing Yoga
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Energize with this yoga routine from Tara Stiles designed to balance and strengthen your body and mind.
5. Warming up for yoga
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This is a warm video to help ease your body into a full yoga workout.
6. Get Ripped Abs with Yoga
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Get Ripped Abs by doing Yoga.
7. Yoga Basics
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This class is a gentle, slow-moving and informative intro into a hatha yoga class. It is a safe, well rounded class, focusing on basic poses and alignment.
8. Fun Vinyasa Sequence
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Align the lower three chakras and create stability and self-assurance with this fun practice by Alanna Kaivalya.
9. Sun Salutation and Standing Poses
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A 22 minute yoga practice led by celebrity instructor Colleen Saidman, introducing sun salutations and standing poses that link breath with movement to cultivate confidence and clarity of mind
10. Yoga to Control Diabetes
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The yogic management of diabetes in conjunction with allopathic therapies has proven to stimulate the body's natural regenerative process. Join Samara, as she demonstrates some easy asanas to control diabetes.
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