Vinyasa Yoga

10 Vinyasa Yoga Videos for Yoga Instructors

Leslie Perryman • March 17, 2015
In Vinyasa, we practice breath initiated movement. Class pace is aerobic, fluid, and challenging for beginners. There is a strong emphasis on delicate transitions, with steadiness and ease recognized as elements of graceful movement. Refined movement through powerful postures create integrated strength, flexibility, and a kick butt workout.Move For Flexibility by Julie Montagu
1. Flexibility Flow Routine
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This is a really great flow routine designed to increase your flexibility.
2. Start Where You Are - Moving With the Breath
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Tara kicks off her 4-month yoga weight loss program with a focus on moving with the breath.
3. Beginners Yoga for Flexibility
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Try this routine to open up the spine, hips, hamstrings, and it creates more space in the mind.
4. Morning Yoga for Flexibility
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Try this routine when you wake up to release tension in tight areas including hamstrings, chest, back, and your brain.
5. Groovy Hips Yoga Flow
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Happy hips in a hot room while you do this Vinyasa flow. Feel free to warm up with some sun salutations before this practice, and take a longer rest at the end.
6. Clear Your Mind Routine
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Sometimes we need to do just a little extra to calm and clear our mind. Today, I have a simple routine that will really help make you feel more open and serene.
7. Balance, Strengthen & Heal
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Did you know that by working on body awareness you can actually drive brain development? This primal vinyasa class will help you re-establish the fundamentals of balance and strength as you stabilize, mobilize, and coordinate your limbs across the planes of your body. By building cross-connections you'll actually better coordinate your daily movements and improve brain capacity.
8. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone
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This routine is designed to build strength, body awareness, and throw you off balance to help get you out of your comfort zone so you can get on the good foot to reaching all your goals.
9. Fat Burning
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A fast and effective yoga sequence that will burn calories and kick your metabolism into high gear.
10. Wake the Body and Calm the Mind
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Do this routine to lengthen and open up your entire spine and simultaneously calm and ease the mind. Even if you aren't pool side, it will feel good.
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