Vinyasa Yoga

3 Vinyasa Yoga Videos for Air Travel

Leslie Vale • October 24, 2016
In Vinyasa, we practice breath initiated movement. Class pace is aerobic, fluid, and challenging for beginners. There is a strong emphasis on delicate transitions, with steadiness and ease recognized as elements of graceful movement. Refined movement through powerful postures create integrated strength, flexibility, and a kick butt workout.Yoga is often considered to be a technique that is only practiced in a quiet, private setting. Many have never considered practicing yoga at the airport, or even on an airplane, but you can, and should! Sitting still for hours during flight travel can numb your body in various areas, particularly in your back, neck, knees and feet. By incorporating simple yoga poses in your plane seat you will ensure that your next flight will be fuelled with comfort and relaxation. What's more you can help to reduce the risk of serious medical conditions like Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). You don't need to feel shy either! You will find your once-tight neck, back and knees to be thanking you upon landing!Gentle Evening Yoga by Celest Pereira
1. Gentle Evening Yoga
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Welcome to your Gentle Evening Yoga flow. This session will take you through a number of deep, meditative stretches and poses, designed to get rid of all of the muscle tension that has accumulated throughout the day. Join Celest and get ready to unwind, no matter how busy or stressful your day has been.
2. Hotel Yoga Routine
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Try this yoga workout the next time you're traveling and in a hotel room for a total body and mind transformation.
3. Yoga for Meditation
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This slow-paced, methodical sequence will open your hips and ground your energy in preparation for a short meditation at the end. A mindful breath-based flow is followed by hip openers, seated postures, and shoulder stand. The final meditation will help you assimilate all previous information. A great class to do before bed or anytime you feel stressed, anxious, or uneasy.
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