Vinyasa Yoga

4 Vinyasa Yoga Videos to learn how to do Monkey Pose

Leslie Vale • May 13, 2015
In Vinyasa, we practice breath initiated movement. Class pace is aerobic, fluid, and challenging for beginners. There is a strong emphasis on delicate transitions, with steadiness and ease recognized as elements of graceful movement. Refined movement through powerful postures create integrated strength, flexibility, and a kick butt workout.Vinyasa Splits Flow by Rebecca Snowball
1. Vinyasa Splits Flow - Hanumanasana Devotion
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Rebecca’s flow practice will open all the major muscle groups through surya namaskar, standing poses, and hip openers to peak in hanumanasana, the splits. Woven through this class is the heart of devotion. The word devotion means to have a strong attachment or affection to a person or a cause marked by dedicated loyalty. Today, think of someone, or some situation that your are truly dedicated to, and allow your movement and your breath to be practiced in honor of your deep love and devotion.
2. Intermediate Hanumanasana: Vinyasa Flow with Splits
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This powerful and moving flow will get your body pumped and your energy flowing. Focused on warming the lower body for the splits, this Grokker Premium video will provide modifications to support the hips and hamstrings. Finish class with some heart opening backbends to discover an inner reservoir of inspiration. Follow Grokker Yoga Expert, Rebecca Snowball, as she preps the body for this exciting apex series: the splits. Intermediate Levels.
3. Hanumanasana Instruction
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Hanumanasana instruction. Go into this warmed up. Always work within a pain-free range.
4. Sequence to Prep for Hanumanasana
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Heads up: Split instruction is NOT in this video - this is a sequence to prep the body for splits. Instruction for hanumanasana (splits) will be in the next video. Always work within a pain-free range.
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