Vinyasa Yoga

6 Vinyasa Yoga Videos for Aching Hips

Leslie Vale • May 13, 2015
In Vinyasa, we practice breath initiated movement. Class pace is aerobic, fluid, and challenging for beginners. There is a strong emphasis on delicate transitions, with steadiness and ease recognized as elements of graceful movement. Refined movement through powerful postures create integrated strength, flexibility, and a kick butt workout.Yin Yoga for Your Hips 2 by Steffy White
1. 14-Day Yoga Challenge: Yin Yoga for Your Hips I
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This is a relaxing and restorative yin yoga session is designed to open your hips, relax your lower body, and relieve tension. By extending pose holds, you will find extra space in your lower body and alleviate any stiffness and stress you may be feeling.
2. Yoga Sequence for Hip Flexors
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Turn up the heat while doing this sequence and have your own private hot yoga studio. This short Vinyasa yoga sequence focuses on lengthening and releasing tightness from your hip flexors and surrounding area, including the quadriceps and deep low abdominals (psoas). You may want to do 5 or so sun salutations before starting this video, as we go right into some lunges.
3. 14-Day Yoga Challenge: Yin Yoga for Your Hips 2
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This restorative flow is going to open your hips and leave you feeling relaxed in no time.
4. Vinyasa for Hips & Back
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Wake energy up through the central channel of the body, beginning at the base of the spine and the lowest Chakra. The root chakra is associated with feeling grounded, and connecting to the Earth. Develop strong roots with this Grokker Premium video, and allow Grokker Yoga Expert, Tammy Mittell, to help you find more freedom along your lower vertebrae. This practice involves strengthening the legs and lower back as well as opening up the hips.
5. Beginner Hips and Shoulders
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Discover a sweet routine for opening the hips and releasing the upper back. The hips and shoulders frame the spine, therefore releasing tension in these tighter joints will give you a renewed sense of freedom through the central channel of the body. Join Grokker Yoga Expert Celest Pereira in this Grokker Premium video for unlocking the pelvis and the shoulder girdle.
6. Mythology & Yoga: Open Your Hips for a Playful Spirit
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Hanumanasana is known in English as the splits. Though challenging, the splits are meant to be approached in the spirit of play. This Grokker Premium video is designed to warm the major muscles including the glutes, quads, hips, psoas, and hamstrings. Follow Grokker Yoga Expert Rebecca Snowball through this targeted sequence to prepare your entire body for this impressive pose. The key is to embody the spirit of play as you practice. This class is part of her Heart of Hanuman series. All Levels.
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