Vinyasa Yoga

Yoga Videos for Weight Loss and Promoting Blood Flow to the Brain

Leslie Vale • June 3, 2015
Calorie Burn for Abs
1. Calorie Burn for Abs
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Yoga-based ab workout.
2. Forearm Headstand Balance Strengthening
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Ashtanga Yoga teacher Kino MacGregor shows you how to strengthen your shoulder for headstand and forearm balance, known in Sanskrit as Sirsasana and Pinchamayurasana. Keep the solid the foundation of the shoulders fully in place to support the neck.
3. Backwards Rolling Demonstration
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Ashtanga Yoga Instructor, Kino MacGregor, explains how to work on Chakrasana, backwards rolling, from a seated position.
4. Ashtanga Headstand Techniques
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Ashtanga Yoga Instructor, Kino MacGregor shows you an easy way to work on headstand. By breaking down this movement into simple steps anyone can learn to balance on their head. Starting off with a solid foundation you transfer the weight of your body forward and allow the upward motion to happen. Please remember to be patient with yourself.
5. Wide Leg Handstand Press Prep Techniques
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Yoga is the power of transformation where the impossible becomes possible. Kino shares some of the techniques that will help you learn the movement of a wide leg handstand. For most, it is easier to lift up into handstand with wide legs, rather than straight legs because the pivot point of getting the pelvis forward over the arms happens faster.
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