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3 At Work Yoga Videos for Increased Flexibility

Leslie Perryman • October 24, 2016
Need a midday boost at the office? Take a breather and give yourself some feel good time with our Yoga at Work collection! From poses you can do in your chair to short yoga practices you can squeeze into your lunch break we have everything you need to practice yoga in the office. Whether you are feeling stiff or suffering from aches and pains from sitting at the computer you can't go wrong with yoga at work.10-Minute Full Body Flexibility by Christina Robohm
1. Workplace Wellness: 10-Minute Full Body Flexibility
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This 10-minute full body stretch break is perfect for when you're short on time and craving movement. Pop into an empty conference room or grab a seat while on-the-go and join Grokker expert, Christina Robohm; you'll feel refreshed and lengthened in no time.
2. Yoga at Your Desk
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We know that the practice of yoga is powerful, yet it's sometimes more simple than we expect. Yoga at your desk is perfect for anybody who spends much time working at a computer or in a cubicle. This sequence is ideal for those who want to sneak in a quick yoga break or for those who are in healing and want to practice a little bit of opening with the support of a chair. Practice a little energetic hygiene and deep breathing! Open your heart, your shoulders and relieve tension!
3. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
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For those of you suffering from sore wrists or carpal tunnel, Tara shows you a few simple yoga poses to help ease your pain.
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