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6 At Work Yoga Videos for Busy People

Leslie Vale • October 24, 2016
Need a midday boost at the office? Take a breather and give yourself some feel good time with our Yoga at Work collection! From poses you can do in your chair to short yoga practices you can squeeze into your lunch break we have everything you need to practice yoga in the office. Whether you are feeling stiff or suffering from aches and pains from sitting at the computer you can't go wrong with yoga at work.Afternoon Energizer by Christina Robohm
1. Workplace Wellness: Afternoon Energizer
Thumbnail image for Afternoon Energizer
Step away from the caffeine and sweet treats! Instead, join Grokker expert Christina Robohm for an energizing low-impact stretch that'll have you ready to power through the rest of your day.
2. Workplace Wellness: Improve Your Digestion
Thumbnail image for Improve Your Digestion
This quick pre-meal practice is designed to improve digestion and nutrient absorption. Christina recommends taking this class with an empty stomach for best results. Get ready to feel nourished!
3. Workplace Wellness: Boost Your Confidence
Thumbnail image for 5-Minute Confidence Boost
Get ready to rock your big meeting or event by showcasing your best self. In just 5 short minutes Christina Robohm will guide you through a stretching sequence to help you find your confidence and shine.
4. Workplace Wellness: 10-Minute Full Body Flexibility
Thumbnail image for 10-Minute Full Body Flexibility
This 10-minute full body stretch break is perfect for when you're short on time and craving movement. Pop into an empty conference room or grab a seat while on-the-go and join Grokker expert, Christina Robohm; you'll feel refreshed and lengthened in no time.
5. Workplace Wellness: Relieve Back Pain
Thumbnail image for Relieve Back Pain
How would you like to soothe back pain in just 5 minutes? Whether you're sitting all day or performing repetitive motions, Grokker expert Christina Robohm will guide you through effective, low-impact stretches designed to help relieve and re-strengthening strained back muscles.
6. Workplace Wellness: Stress Buster
Thumbnail image for Quick Stress Buster
If you're feeling stressed and overwhelmed, join Grokker expert Christina Robohm and take a few minutes just for yourself. This quick practice will guide you through relaxation techniques and small-movement standing poses that'll leave you feeling refreshed in no time.
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