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Drew Glover • November 1, 2017
Healthy Lifestyle Habits by Chris Mohr
1. Healthy Lifestyle Habits
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Habits win where diets fail, every time. If you're following a weight loss plan where you can't imagine eating the prescribed food five or 10 years down the line, your results will not be sustainable. In this video, Dr.Chris Mohr shares his top five tactics for making the healthy habits you're developing actually last.
2. Better Sleep For Weight Loss
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Sleep has a direct effect on your weight loss and health. When you’re sleep deprived you’re more apt to reach for quick energy foods that are not always the best nutritional choice. Not only that, lack of sleep has been shown to spike levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which can end up increasing your appetite and even convince your body to hold on to more fat. In this video, Dr.Chris Mohr will share the best strategies for ensuring a restful night of sleep, every night.
3. Mindful Eating For Weight Loss
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Aside from what you eat, HOW you eat is also an important element when it comes to sustainable weight loss and mastering your health. At its simplest, mindless eating is defined as “eating food without paying attention”. This kind of distracted and emotional eating can cause you to ignore your body's’ signals for when it is truly full, which can end up leading to weight gain. In this video, Dr.Chris Mohr shares his best strategies for becoming more mindful with your eating habits.
4. Healthy Meals Under 12
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When it comes to sustainable weight loss, eating food with minimally-processed ingredients is one of the keys to mastering your health. In this video, Dr.Chris Mohr will share some of his favorite reasons to hop aboard the cooking train with these easy meals that take 12 minutes or less to prepare.
5. Your Healthy Grocery List
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When it comes to sustainable weight loss, shopping for your own food is a key element you'll need to master. Whether you choose to stroll the aisles of your local supermarket or get groceries delivered, there are a few key strategies to make the process simple and painless. In this video, Dr.Chris Mohr will share some great tips for avoiding the pitfalls of the junk food aisle and walk you through a simple shopping list you can follow during the Nutrition Reboot.
6. Reducing Sugar For Health
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Most of us know that consuming lots of sugar is not great for our health or weight, but don’t feel bad if you still find yourself reaching for the candy bowl. Most people struggle with this one. In fact, over 82% of Americans exceed the recommended guidelines for daily sugar intake. In this video, Chris will talk to you about why added sugar can be detrimental to your health and a few strategies for cutting down on the sweet treats.
7. How To Eat Healthy
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When it comes to making smart nutrition decisions, you probably know a vegetable is better for you than a donut. But do you know why that is? In this video, Dr.Chris Mohr will get into the importance of opting for nutrient dense food options more often and share some simple, common sense strategies that will help you master your nutrition.
8. Green Smoothie Breakfast Bowl
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Get ready to revamp your breakfast. Danielle will show you how to make a nourishing and delicious breakfast bowl full of superfood ingredients that will have you bursting with energy and ready to take on the day. This bowl of goodness takes just 5 minutes to make.
9. Healthy Protein Pancakes
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This super healthy, two-ingredient pancake recipe is so quick and easy to make you will want to make them for breakfast everyday of the week! Join Grokker cooking expert Danielle Hayley to discover just how fun and uncomplicated it can be to create delicious healthy pancakes.
10. Matt Gandin's White Shrimp Ceviche
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Gandin’s vibrant green ceviche, lashed with lime juice and some heat from Serrano chiles, is an easy starter for a summer party.
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