7 Qigong Yoga Videos for Increased Energy

Leslie Vale • March 17, 2015
Rooted in Chinese medicine, Qigong is a practice designed to increase energy flow through the meridian channels of the body. The movement is slow, yet complex, integrating spiral patterns through the hands, arms, shoulders and hip joints. It is beneficial for all levels, including the beginner. The challenging, yet gentle flow is meant to a build strength, increase energy, and cultivate a meditative breath.Taoflow: Moving from the Center by Cain Carroll
1. Taoflow: Moving from the Center
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Anchor your presence within the core. Focused on one of the most important aspects of Taoflow yoga, this forty five minute class will guide you to move from center. Class begins with a few minutes of free-style shaking to clear the mind and warm the body. Then, work with specific alignment exercises to find an optimized awareness of the body's relationship to earth, and gravity. All levels welcome.
2. Taoflow: 60 min. Basics
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This is a sixty minute set on Taoflow basics. Class begins with traditional Shaking to clear the mind, detox cells and rejuvenate mind/body awareness. This Grokker Premium video is perfect for beginning students, with a detailed exploration of foundational Taoflow postures, followed floor work to open the hips and unwind the spine. Students of all levels are welcome.
3. Taoflow: Stability
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This is a forty-minute set of Taoflow Yoga that fosters stability and centeredness in body and mind with our celebrated Qigong Expert Cain Carroll. This all levels class begins with free-style shaking to clear the mind, detox the cells and rejuvenate the whole body. We then work with longer holds of specific postures to calm the nervous system, balance emotions, and strengthen the feeling of somatic presence in this Grokker Premium video. No props needed.
4. Taoflow: Joint Opening
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This is a forty-minute set of Taoflow Joint Opening. Class begins with free-style Shaking to clear the mind, detox the cells and rejuvenate the whole body. Join Qigong Expert Cain Carroll in this Grokker Premium video to work systematically with each of the body€s joints and increase natural range of motion. In doing so, you'll eliminate joint pain, and restore fluid movement through the deeper bone and tissue structures within the body. Appropriate for all levels.
5. Shake and Flow: 20 mins
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Busy day? No worries! Join Taoflow expert, Cain Carroll, for this 20-minute power-packed set of Taoflow. Master traditional shaking to clear the mind, scrub away tension, and rejuvenate every cell of the body. You’ll then move through a series of energy activation exercises that recharge your inner batteries and strengthen the joints, tendons and ligaments. This Grokker Premium video is a standing practice you can do anywhere; you don’t even have to take off your shoes. Even on the busiest of days you can always find at least twenty minutes to devote to your practice.
6. 1-5 Heaven Earth Gong: Sheng Zhen Gong
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Qigong is practice that works on moving chi or the energy flow. Heaven Earth is a sequence that particularly focuses on the spine, chest, and detoxing the body. This video features moves 1-5 of the 15 part sequence.
7. Immune Boost Qigong
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Immune Boost Qigong routines stimulate the function of the Lungs and activate the Yang Qi in order to circulate the Wei Qi (defensive Qi). Performing these self-healing routines enable you to administer your own "Qigong Flu Shot" for defensive help in the upcoming cold & flu season.
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