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3 Yoga for the Chakras Yoga Videos for Improved Circulation

Leslie Vale • March 17, 2015
Chakras, or energy valves, are centers along the spine which control the flow of energy through the central channel. In the practice of yoga, these energy centers are responsible for raising our vibrational frequency, and processing our emotional experiences.Core Strengthening Chakra Flow by Dana Damara
1. Core Strengthening Chakra Flow
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Stoke your inner fire. In this Grokker Premium video, Dana Damara will focus on aligning personal power with intention and action. This chakra is responsible for manifesting our purpose and forward motion in life. Prepare for a lot of core work and hip opening postures through which you will align the spine, then twist it out your inhibitions. Intermediate.
2. Grounding Chakra Flow
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In this class, Dana Damara will help you find a strong foundation and a state of contentment. Dana will lead you through a series of poses that focus on the Root Chakra. You will finish this class feeling strong, energized, and confident.
3. Creative Chakra Flow
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Discover effortless creativity. Where the Root chakra is grounding, the Sacral chakra is fluid. In this Grokker Premium video, you'll focus on flowing through the path of least resistance. Water induces change and awakens the primal creative juices within us. Join Grokker Yoga Expert, Dana Damara, as she shows you how to promote the flow of energy in the second chakra, the center of sacral creativity. All Levels.
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