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10 Hatha Yoga Videos for Increased Full-Body Strength

Leslie Perryman • March 17, 2015
All types of physical yoga fall under this category. Through the use of basic Hatha yoga postures, you can cultivate gentle strength, open awareness, and embodied presence.Chest & Tricep Strength by Rocky Heron
1. Lean & Strong Yoga: Chest & Triceps
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Strengthen your yoga practice with alignment specialist and Grokker expert, Rocky Heron. This class will focus on the muscle groups associated with "pushing" in your practice in order to safely build lean chest and tricep strength. With increased strength, you'll be able to work towards deeper lolasana and chaturanga poses in your daily practice.
2. Yoga For Knee Pain - Yoga for Post Knee Surgery. Gentle & Safe Modified Poses
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How To Beginners Yoga: How To Practice Yoga Post Surgery. Relieve Knee Pain & Tension, Through Yoga! Learn how to Naturally Relieve Tension & Pain in Your Knees & Lower Body in this, Easy to Follow, Instructional Yoga Video. Certified Yoga Instructor Lauren Bringle from Austin TX, leads this flow. This is a Beginners level instructional Yoga video.
3. Dorm Room Yoga | 30 Minute Yoga Workout Video for Small Spaces
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Join Adriene for a Dorm Room Yoga sequence! This practice is perfect for those seeking a workout or yoga practice at home. This is more than just a workout video but a video to inspire you to find a small space and connect to your body. This sequence does not require a lot of space and can be done 5-7 times a week. All you need it your body and some comfy clothes. This yoga sequence is about taking the time to create space, connect to the breath and as always, find what feels good.
4. Jivamukti Chakra Immersion to Balance Energy
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This class is a Jivamukti sequence designed to align the Chakras and harmonize your inner energy flow. Using postures and affirmations, Grokker Yoga Expert Salema V will guide you through a deeper understanding of our central energy channel along the Shashuma Nadi, from the tailbone to the crown of the head. Move through this graceful sequence of postures for full-body conditioning, and follow along with Salema for a detailed immersion into each energy center in this Grokker Premium video. Intermediate.
5. Jumping Back from Bakasana
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Kino MacGregor explores a preparatory pose for jumping back from bakasana that builds core strength through movement while keeping the wrists happy.
6. Discovering the Bandhas
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Experience the Bandhas. Designed for the advanced student, this Grokker Premium video will guide you to accesses the core locks, or Bandhas, which will simultaneously empower and gently sweeten your practice. Follow Grokker Yoga Expert Beth Win, as she shows you why it's all about the Bandhas in this Grokker Premium video.
7. Core Strengthening Practice
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This challenging core strengthening flow will allow you to discover the connection that runs from the tips of your fingers, to the soles of your feet. Simultaneously lengthen and open up your core, whilst finding and enhancing your true, integrated strength. Join our celebrated Yoga Expert Beth Win in this Grokker Premium video that is perfect for beginners as well as more experienced students.
8. Jivamukti Back Bending Class
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Open your heart's center and channel your divine light in this backbending practice. Join Grokker Yoga Expert, Salema "V", as she guides you through this Jivamukti warrior sequence. This Grokker Premium video will focus on your 4th and 5th chakras while you open and expand the front of your body. This is all levels.
9. Women's Health: Divine Feminine Power
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This sweet flow designed specifically for women is perfect for discovering inner divinity and empowerment. Learn strong footing, expansive breaths and conscious movement through postures sequenced to help you harness heart-centered power. Follow Grokker Yoga Expert, Sierra Campbell in this creative sequence to explore your own inner goddess through gentle and graceful movement. All Levels.
10. New Power: Yoga Butt
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Learn to incorporate strength training with Grokker Yoga Expert Ashleigh Sergeant. She'll show you how to tone, sculpt and boost your bottom in this flow practice. Strong glutes relieve low back pain, release bound hip flexors and give you powerful legs. This Grokker Premium video will whip your butt into shape. Appropriate for intermediate levels.
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