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Yoga Videos for Full Body Sculpting and Heart Opening

Leslie Vale • June 3, 2015
Centering the Heart by Patrick and Carling Yoga
1. Centering the Heart
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Take your backbends to the next level. This intermediate flow class will take you through a series of innovative variations on traditional backbends encountered in Yoga. Grokker Yoga Expert Carling Harps will challenge the intermediate student in this fun flow, and leave you feeling completely centered and open. This Grokker Premium video is designed for strong students with a seasoned practice.
2. Basic Backbends
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Dip into the expansive practice of opening the heart with this sweet introduction to flow yoga and basic back bending. Synchronize breath and movement with an innovative series of postures, then melt the heart, open the chest, and align the upper back. In this Grokker Premium video, learn to safely and effectively prepare for, move into, and return to center through bridge, wheel and other common backbends you'll find in your yoga practice. Follow Grokker Yoga Expert Carling Harps in this alignment based designed for beginner students.
3. Jivamukti Back Bending Class
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Open your heart's center and channel your divine light in this backbending practice. Join Grokker Yoga Expert, Salema "V", as she guides you through this Jivamukti warrior sequence. This Grokker Premium video will focus on your 4th and 5th chakras while you open and expand the front of your body. This is all levels.
4. Intermediate Hanumanasana: Vinyasa Flow with Splits
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This powerful and moving flow will get your body pumped and your energy flowing. Focused on warming the lower body for the splits, this Grokker Premium video will provide modifications to support the hips and hamstrings. Finish class with some heart opening backbends to discover an inner reservoir of inspiration. Follow Grokker Yoga Expert, Rebecca Snowball, as she preps the body for this exciting apex series: the splits. Intermediate Levels.
5. Well-Balanced Flow: 60-Minute Vinyasa Class
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Find balance in strength. Build power in your body and balance your heart center with this intermediate-level class. Then carry this new found inner stability with you off the mat and into your life. Join Grokker Yoga Expert, Laura Burkhart, as we move through a well-balanced flow consisting of standing poses, twists, arm balances, ab work and backbends!
6. Inversion Essentials
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This practice, by Kathryn Budig from the Yoga Journal To Go series, focuses on building strength in the upper back, space in the shoulders, and confidence overall to build up to inversions.
7. Vinyasa for the Shoulders
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Is your upper back stiff and less mobile than you'd like? This class from Tammy Mittell is just what you need. Tammy will take you through a full body core flow sequence designed to strengthen the shoulders and upper back and align your upper spine.
8. Entire Body Stretch
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This routine opens up your entire body.
9. Moves to Prepare for Date Night
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Feel your best before that big date. Let me show you how to get calm and centered before a night on the town with that special someone.
10. 5 Moves for Flexibility
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If you'd like to improve your flexibility, Tara has the moves for you.
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