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Yoga to Manage Physical Pain During Cancer Treatment

Sierra Campbell, Level 14
Sierra Campbell
In this Grokker Premium video we practice meditation and pranayama as a way to listen to the body and manage physical pain pre and post surgeries. Often when we suffer from severe physical pain it's easy to shut down to healing. Instead, when we turn our attention to really listen to the body and feel our pain, we can learn to intuitively how to give our body what it needs. Open the hips to relieve the legs and lower back and use the weight of the body to deeply rest into your increased flexibility. When you’re ready, you will need a couch and a wall space.


You will need a yoga mat, two blocks, a bolster, a blanket, your journal, and a glass of water.

Yoga for Cancer: Pain
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Christine S.
I'm able to find the perfect yoga routine for my daily needs. Grokker provides a wealth of wellness like never before.
Christine S.
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