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10 Abs & Core Workout Videos for Construction Workers

Edward Massey • March 17, 2015
You're dead wrong if you think that core strengthening is only about flattening your stomach and getting your body ready for the beach. It's not just about the abs (but yes, you'll get those too!) it's about each part of your body working together to help you feel and look your best every day.Cardio Core #2 - Flow by Sarah Kusch
1. Cardio Core #2 - Flow
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This 30-minute workout incorporates light weights into a continuous flow of movement leaving you dripping and full of endorphins. Use this workout as a very active recovery from the HIIT workouts in Sarah's Mind, Body, Flow series to keep that metabolism up and your body moving on days you feel like you need a good sweat and natural energy boost.
2. Ultimate 10 Minute Ab Workout at Home
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10 ab exercises in 10 minutes
3. 10 Pound Slimdown Xtreme - Core
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All copyright goes to 10 Pound Slimdown Xtreme.
4. Kick Your Abs Toning Workout with Twists, Crunches, & Weights
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Your core will thank you when it's over. Leave this workout feeling noticeably stronger than when you started. You will be motivated to complete this Grokker Premium workout with DJ Bravo's beats, and Le Jon motivating you to keep going.
5. Core Conditioning
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This is a quick 12-minute ab workout where you will go through three rounds of six exercises that will hit your entire core from all angles with a range of crunches and twists. If you are looking for a flat stomach, this Grokker Premium video workout is great addition to your daily fitness regime, even as a pick me up in the late afternoon when you are feeling sluggish. Grab a mat, a towel, and some water because you will sweat!
6. Full-Body Aerobic Core Sculpting
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Undo the damage! Too much time in the kitchen eating results in a loose and flabby stomach. Watch your abs transform as you do this core conditioning workout weekly. James will coach you to sculpt and burn fat utilizing your full body. You will be pushed to the max in this Grokker Premium video by doing planks, renegade rows, crunches, supermans and more. So be tough and get that six pack you've always wanted with this workout. Try this 3x a week or a variety of workouts from James's Back to Basics Bootcamp Series.
7. Core Strength
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Leave no muscle behind! Sculpt every ab and discover some muscles you didn't even know you had with Shab in this full body workout. She has the fitness insight to finally get you the six pack you've wanted every bikini season. Don't be fooled, there is a lot more to a flat stomach than just doing sit-ups. So work smart to get the exercises right, and make this Grokker Premium video a part of your weekly fitness routine. Do this or one of Shab's other targeted workouts 3x a week for 2 months, and along with proper diet, you will be lean and toned for summer.
8. Fat Blasting Abs
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Keep up with Maggie as she takes you through an intense, but energizing core workout. As a fitness model, Maggie knows the best safe and effective moves to help you build a strong midsection and melt away fat.
9. Beginner Core
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Tone your abs and burn fat with this beginner core workout. This workout starts with a five minute warm-up and then goes into a 20+ minute low intensity series of eight core exercises designed to build your core strength stamina. After performing this routine a few times, try challenging yourself with Kelly's more intense intermediate and advanced workouts. You can also use this video with one of Grokker's Premium HIIT or Circuit Training workouts to combine the fat-burning cardio workouts with the core strengthening this video delivers.
10. Lower Body #2 - Ball Planks, Box Squats, & Wood Chops
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Welcome to the second week of Ellysia Noble's six week Lose Fat & Sculpt Yourself course, designed to help you achieve your fitness goals and get in shape. Join Fitness Expert Elyssia Noble in this Grokker Premium video as she helps you to shed fat and tone your legs and abdominals in this focused Lower Body routine. You should be using this video to workout on Day 2 and Day 6 of the second week of the program.
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