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Workouts with Mountain Climber Exercises and Crunch

Edward Massey • October 24, 2016
Bodyweight Total Body #2 by Keith Johnson
1. Bodyweight Total Body #2
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Total Body #2 is designed to work every inch of your body in under 20 minutes through optimized circuit blocks of upper body, lower body, cardio, and core.
2. Let's Get Moving: Strong Core
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Want killer abs and a strong core? You're in the right place! Our movement in life radiates from the center of our body, so let’s get it strong! There's a bonus AMRAP at the end so you can track your progress – and remember form is CRUCIAL.
3. HIIT Core Workout - HIIT Club
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Complete this core class on the third day of Kelly Lee’s seven-day HIIT Club challenge. In this workout, you will complete 5 supersets with toning finishers. HIIT workouts combine a series of short duration, high-intensity exercises followed by lower intensity intervals of active recovery. This type of training will get your heart rate up and burn more fat in less time, including an afterburn effect that will help you burn more calories than traditional cardio. Join Grokker Fitness Expert Kelly Lee as she leads you through seven HIIT workouts each targeting a different body part. Whether you are brand new to working out or the most dedicated fitness enthusiast - these workouts are for you.
4. Cardio Combat Boot Camp Workout #2
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It’s time to get your blood moving in Cardio Combat II, the second nonstop cardio workout in Jaime McFaden’s Tone and Trim series! Keeping it old school with classic moves like mountain climbers and burpees, this Grokker Premium video will raise your heart rate and help you slim down. At only twenty minutes, with modifications for beginners and advanced levels, this workout is a great start for a healthy heart.
5. x5 Intensity: HIIT Bodyweight #1
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Welcome to x5 Intensity, your full body transformation workout program. In the first week of Bodyweight Intensity, Pace and Go will ease you into things with this unique workout designed to work your upper body, lower body, cardio, and core, in just 30 short minutes, all with no equipment needed!
6. Upper Body #2 - Dumbbell Lifts, Crunches, & Hammer Curls
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Welcome to the second week of Ellysia Noble's six week Lose Fat & Sculpt Yourself course, designed to help you achieve your fitness goals and get in shape. Join Fitness Expert Elyssia Noble in this Grokker Premium video as she helps you to shed fat and tone your abs in this core focused Upper Body routine. You should be using this video to workout on Day 1 and Day 4 of the second week of the program.
7. Tabata HIIT Exercise Challenge
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Tabata is a form of high intensity interval training (HIIT). The workouts involve 20 seconds of high intensity followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated eight times. Studies show that Tabata training provides superior aerobic and anaerobic training effects compared to moderate intensity training. That means you can get better results – stronger and leaner - in less time! Join fitness Expert Kelly Lee in this Grokker Premium video that will challenge even well conditioned athletes, but is also a great workout for beginners using the modifications Kelly demonstrates. Try this workout twice a week for a month and you will begin to see amazing changes to your physique.
8. Most Effective 20 Minute Cardio Workout - Tabata Style
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This workout consists of 4 different exercises. It is in Tabata style but with a slightly lower level of intensity and will be targeting the whole body for an all-out incredible workout. The idea here: quick, painful, and truly effective. In just 20 minutes you will put your metabolism into overdrive for the rest of the day, burn tons of calories, tone up the whole body and get you to your 'fittest you' ! This cardio workout is basically high intensity interval training (HIIT) based on Tabata protocol. Tabata protocol was created by Dr. Izumi Tabata at the National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Tokyo, Japan. So What Is Tabata? 4 minutes of near max exertion effort which consists of 8 rounds 20 seconds max effort + 10 seconds rest. Those 4 minutes a day are worth the equivalent to more than an hour of normal 'endurance' style cardio. It's now used by professional athletes and many top trainers are saying that it's possible to shed 7% -- 10% body-fat within a month if you do this workout 4 times per week. The intensity of the Tabata Protocol might be dangerous to anyone with heart disease. So be wise, and get physician clearance before you try this workout. You can still get incredible results with the Tabata Protocol while going at your own safe pace. It will also allow you to do more than just one exercise.
9. When I Say Jump HIIT Cardio Round 2 - Fat Burning At Home Cardio
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There are 12 different intervals of bodyweight cardio exercises. Each interval lasts one full minute. Throughout that minute, we will be calling out either “Jump” or “Down”. When we say “Jump” – stop what you are doing in the middle of whichever exercise we’re on, get on your feet and jump upwards. When we say “Down”, immediately drop to the ground in a high plank, and then jump back upright (essentially performing a Burpee).
10. Prom BootCamp Workout Day 1 Weeks 5-8
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Full body circuit training
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