Workouts with Push-Up Exercises and Side Plank

Edward Massey • November 1, 2017
Full Body Activation by Pace and Go
1. Full Body Activation
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In the second workout in the 21-Day Athlete program Pace and Go will lead you through a full body activation with a focus on core strength and engagement. A strong core is key to building functional fitness and will allow you to perform all exercises with greater stability, strength and balance.
2. Advanced Pilates: Intense Abs & Core Burn
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Ready to take it up to the next level? If yes, this full-body, ab-blasting Pilates routine is for you. In this video, Elaine builds on the movements from her beginner and intermediate Pilates/Abs videos and incorporates cardio blasts and intense toning movements. So if you are looking for a challenging routine that will have you sweating, grab a mat and let's get going.
3. Cardio Combat Boot Camp Workout #1
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The things that challenge us in life give us change. In this twenty-minute Grokker Premium video, Jaime McFaden will cycle you through ten nonstop cardio moves to torch off fat. You don’t need a treadmill or any special equipment to slim down! In this boot camp installment of the Tone and Trim series, modifications for beginners and advanced levels make this an easy and excellent cardio routine for all.
4. Tone & Trim: Arms & Upper Body
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Jaime McFaden is here to give you the secrets to getting defined arms and shoulders! And just like the other workouts in Jaime's 30-day fitness plan, this one requires no weights or special equipment - just your body! Get started with Jaime now, and when you're finished be sure to check out her Tone & Trim fitness plan.
5. Cardio Circuit #2 - Ski, Squat Jump, & Biometric Lunge
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Burn fat and boost your cardiovascular fitness in this 10-minute circuit training workout! Ellysia Noble will keep you motivated as you navigate squat jumps, planks, and other strength building moves. If you can't get enough of Ellysia, be sure to check out her Lose Fat & Sculpt Yourself series.
6. Fat Burning and Abs Workout Level 1
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Fat Burning and Abs Workout Level 1 is an intense, high-energy, total body-conditioning workout that employs a unique blend of strength, core, and cardio moves to burn fat, increase endurance & flexibility, and sculpt lean muscle in the chest, arms, abs, obliques, legs, shoulders, back, and butt to get you accelerated results! Learn to focus breathing and push through the burn with Expert Trainer, Susan Becraft as she coaches you through 3 calorie-scorching circuits of 3 strength-building exercises each that are to be performed in succession with only 30 second rest periods between to kick-start your heart rate and get you on the path to your dream body with this effective 20 minute segment. Ignite your weight-loss potential and sculpt shapely hips, thighs, glutes, and abdominals as you blast your way through full-body moves such as curtsey lunges, V-ups, push-up rotations, squat shuffles, deep lunge presses, chest fly's, plank variations, bicycles, tire flips, table tops, jumping jacks, butt kickers, and lateral hops that will engage your core and challenge all of the major muscle groups of the body simultaneously. You will need a set of dumbbells, a towel, and a bottle of water to complete this workout that can be modified to suit any skill level by adjusting reps, weights, and rest periods. Challenge yourself and track your progression by monitoring your reps. Look and feel your best as you build strength and banish that belly fat forever as you work out with the pros right from your own living room!
7. Total Body Blast - 20 Minute Intense Cardio
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Push yourself through a series of high Intensity body weight exercises to tone up and lean down. Dana will start with exercises focused on toning the thighs and sculpting the leg muscles. This Grokker Premium workout will also trim your arms and back! Sweat with Dana McCaw on a regular basis to look your best.
8. Weight Training and Sculpting Exercise
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Grab a pair of dumbbells and let's get to work! With her holistic approach to fitness and extensive martial arts training in HapKiDo, Jennifer will get you the results you have always wanted. In her Fight for Fitness Premium Video series, Jennifer teaches you the targeted skills and best drills to reach your ultimate fitness goals.
9. x5 Intensity: HIIT Bodyweight #5
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Welcome to x5 Intensity, your 5 week, full body transformation workout series. In this, the fifth and last week of Bodyweight Intensity, you're going to hit the mat and get a sweat on as Pace and Go take you through their unique workout program designed to work your upper body, lower body, cardio, and core, in just 30 short minutes, all with no equipment needed! So join Grokker experts, Jenny Pacey and Wayne Gordon, and transform your body with their unique workout series, x5 Intensity.
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