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Workouts with Side Plank Exercises and Crunch

Edward Massey • November 1, 2017
HIIT Core by Kelly Lee
1. HIIT Core Workout - HIIT Club
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Complete this core class on the third day of Kelly Lee’s seven-day HIIT Club challenge. In this workout, you will complete 5 supersets with toning finishers. HIIT workouts combine a series of short duration, high-intensity exercises followed by lower intensity intervals of active recovery. This type of training will get your heart rate up and burn more fat in less time, including an afterburn effect that will help you burn more calories than traditional cardio. Join Grokker Fitness Expert Kelly Lee as she leads you through seven HIIT workouts each targeting a different body part. Whether you are brand new to working out or the most dedicated fitness enthusiast - these workouts are for you.
2. Deep Muscle Activation Core Workout
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Learn how to activate and sculpt your core with this home workout from former Royal Marines commando trainer Jon Stratford. Jon will take you through a core workout. By teaching you how to activate the deep muscles in your core and how to correctly execute key exercises including front and side planks, split crunches and the cobra core you will be able to design your own personal core workout to carry out at home or in the gym. This Grokker Premium video forms part of Jon Stratford's Fitness Toolkit collection, giving you the tools you need for the perfect personalised workout.
3. Balance & Burn: Beginner Workout for the Abs & Butt
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Think long and lean with Jaime McFaden’s new Tone and Trim series. In this Grokker Premium video, Jaime will jumpstart your new workout routine by focusing on abs and butt—areas where students are always asking for help! The workout is only twenty minutes long and requires no equipment. What are you waiting for? Let’s get started!
4. Love Your Abs Routine
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Today's workout is all about abs! Katrina's Love Your Abs routine will tone and sculpt your entire core for that flat tummy look you love. You'll slim your waistline, tighten your lower abs, and work all those hard-to-reach places in between! Workout Moves: 1. Tipsy 2. Love Triangle 3. Waistline Cinch 4. Side Plank Swivel 5. Downward Dog Tummy Tuck 6. Draw Your Heart 7. Cupid Crunch
5. Abs & Butt 2 - High Intensity Toning Workout
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Take twenty minutes out of your day to do something good for yourself with expert Jaime McFaden. If you want flat abs and a tight butt, this Grokker Premium video is your friend! Similar to the Abs & Butt I video in the Tone and Trim series, this workout takes it to the next level with more difficult moves to burn those trouble areas.
6. Prom BootCamp Workout Day 3 Weeks 5-8
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Full body cicuit routine.
7. Beginner Core
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Tone your abs and burn fat with this beginner core workout. This workout starts with a five minute warm-up and then goes into a 20+ minute low intensity series of eight core exercises designed to build your core strength stamina. After performing this routine a few times, try challenging yourself with Kelly's more intense intermediate and advanced workouts. You can also use this video with one of Grokker's Premium HIIT or Circuit Training workouts to combine the fat-burning cardio workouts with the core strengthening this video delivers.
8. Killer Core Workout
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Build core strength and trim your waist line! Paired with a HIIT or Circuit Training session, this Core Workout will deliver the total body transformation you've been dreaming of. You'll be feeling it the next day but perform this workout just twice a week for a month and see the results. Find more of Kelly's killer Grokker Premium videos on her profile page.
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