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Find Clarity and Focus

Catherine Wikholm, Level 6
Catherine Wikholm
Stress easily accumulates when we have a long-do list, multiple deadlines and competing priorities. It’s very easy to end up living a life that is inconsistent with your personal values, spending lots of time and energy on things that perhaps aren’t what you really value as important. To help you to clarify your values, Dr. Catherine will guide you through a personal values exercise. This will enable you to clarify what is really important to you, to help you to start living more fully by your values and have a more fulfilling life.


All you need for this exercise is a pen and paper.

This exercise requires some deep reflection, so try to do it somewhere quiet, and allow about 10 mins.

10 Value Domains



3. Romantic relationships

4. Friendships and social life

5. Career and employment

6. Health and physical well-being

7. Recreation fun and leisure activities

8. Spirituality

9. Citizenship, environment and community

10. Education and personal growth

Find Clarity and Focus
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