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Manage Your Stress Triggers

Catherine Wikholm, Level 6
Catherine Wikholm
Stress is a natural byproduct of living a busy life in a modern world but struggling with stress does not need to define your life. We all experience stress in different ways so identifying your own personal stress triggers is key to better stress management. In this session, Dr. Catherine will discuss how you can identify your stress triggers and the key components of a stress management plan including better time management, organization, exercise, sleep and proper nutrition. She will end the session with a simple breathing exercise which you can do at work or at home to feel instantly more present, calm and relaxed.


In this video you will learn:

How to Identify Physical and Mental Triggers of Stress
Creating a Stress Management Plan
Importance of Organization
Taking Time Out for Rest and Recovery
The Importance of Asking for Support

The first step towards better managing stress is to IDENTIFY YOUR TRIGGERS.

A trigger is anything that causes a stress response in the body, in other words, the release of stress hormones. For example, almost all of us will have experienced work-related stress of some kind.

Think about how you move throughout your day. Are there any situations, people and environments cause you to feel stress? Perhaps you can notice some patterns. Make a list of these triggers.

Once you have identified the sources of your stress, you can start to implement a
STRESS MANAGEMENT PLAN. A stress management plan is simply a system or routine that incorporates actions that will allow you to control factors that contribute to stress and how you respond to stressful situations that are not anticipated.

Simple changes like planning out our day the night before or waking up 15 minutes earlier can make all the difference to our stress levels. Can you imagine how great it would feel to be early for appointments and feel calm and in control, instead of always running late?

Taking time out during your work day and week is an important part of managing stress. If you work at a desk, go for a walk outside during lunchtime to clear your head. Be conscious of taking mini-breaks throughout the day. You can also find a quiet space for a couple of minutes to take some deep breaths. It will allow you to refocus.

If you find you are becoming overwhelmed by stress make time to connect with friends, family and loved ones. Spending time with the people we care about and having fun is important for stress relief and an overall sense of happiness.

Manage Your Stress Triggers
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