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Positive Self Talk

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Catherine Wikholm, Level 4
Catherine Wikholm
Stress can often make you focus on your perceived weaknesses and flaws. When you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed, it’s common to end up criticising and blaming yourself. A way of building up our resilience to stress is to learn to recognise your negative thought patterns and actively work to refocus your mind. In this exercise, we will use the technique of positive self-talk. I will help you to identify some of your key personal qualities and strengths. All you need for this exercise is a pen and paper.


Identify a personal quality or strength that fits the following sentences:

1.I am making progress in…

2.I am confident of my ability to…

3.I am really good at…

Coping Statements For Managing Stress

‘Stop and breathe, I can do this’

One step at a time’

‘I know I am going to be okay’

‘I have done this before and I can do it again’

‘Relax and think positively’

‘This won’t last forever - it will pass’

‘This is difficult and uncomfortable but it’s only temporary’

‘I don’t have to rush, I can take things slowly’

‘It is normal to feel stressed sometimes, but I can relieve this stress with relaxation’

Positive Self Talk
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