10 Inversions Yoga Videos for Building Core Strength

Leslie Perryman • March 17, 2015
An inversion posture is any posture in which the head is placed below the heart to increase blood flow to the brain. The more basic postures will be supported with hands and feet, such as adho mukha svanasana, or downward dog. Other postures, such as headstand or handstand, are more advanced and involve balancing on the shoulders, arms, and head.Inversions Series: Learn to Handstand by Patrick and Carling Yoga
1. Inversions Series: Learn to Handstand
Inversions Series: Learn to Handstand
Learn Handstands from the ground up, starting with proper hand placement, arm alignment, core engagement, hip awareness, and finding the body in space. A basic introduction to a trophy inversion, this Grokker Premium video will give you a supported environment to strengthen and integrate the critical muscles involved in mastering standing on your hands. Follow alongside Grokker Yoga Expert Patrick Beach to discover how to strengthen the shoulder girdle, integrate the arms, and balance from the core of your body.
2. Strengthen Your Handstand
Strengthen Your Handstand
Ashtanga Yoga teacher Kino MacGregor shares some strengthening techniques that will take you beyond pressing up into a handstand. Rather than just lifting up and coming down, you can lean forward into your hands and lift up and down repeatedly. Enjoy the movement and have fun.
3. Inverted Yoga for a Healthy Mind
Inverted Yoga for a Healthy Mind
Join Samara Chopra as she teaches you inverted asanas that help you deal with nervousness, tension, fatigue and depression.
4. Yoga to Build Immunity
Yoga to Build Immunity
Samara Chopra demonstrates yoga asanas that condition the lungs and the respiratory tract providing them with fresh oxygenated blood.
5. Yoga for Curing Stress
Yoga for Curing Stress
Join Samara Chopra as she demonstrates yoga asanas that acts upon both the physiological and psychological components of stress.
6. Yoga for Eyes
Yoga for Eyes
Yoga is not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of clear, sparkling eyes, the windows to your soul. Join Samara Chopra as she demonstrates yogic postures that have the power to revitalise your internal organs, including your eyes.
7. How to Improve Your Concentration
How to Improve Your Concentration
Join Samar Chopra as she teaches you some asanas to improve your concentration. And teaches you how to control your mind and discover your true nature.
8. Insomnia
Good sleep follows when the nervous system is guided towards relaxation. Join Samara Chopra as she demonstrates yogic postures for a good night's sleep.
9. Knees to Ears Pose
Knees to Ears Pose
In this video she shows you how to do knees to ears pose.
10. Wide Leg Handstand Press Prep Techniques
Wide Leg Handstand Press Prep Techniques
Yoga is the power of transformation where the impossible becomes possible. Kino shares some of the techniques that will help you learn the movement of a wide leg handstand. For most, it is easier to lift up into handstand with wide legs, rather than straight legs because the pivot point of getting the pelvis forward over the arms happens faster.
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