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Stress Relief Through Gratitude

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Catherine Wikholm
Cultivating gratitude is one of the simpler routes to a greater sense of emotional well-being, higher overall life satisfaction, and a greater sense of happiness in life. In today’s exercise you will learn to shift your mind out of stress mode through a regular practice of gratitude. You can do this exercise at any point during the day, but the best time to do it may be before you go to bed. All you need for this exercise is a pen and a notebook or journal.


5 Key Areas Of Gratitude

1. What is one thing you are grateful for in the area of your personal relationships? Is there a friend or family member you are particularly grateful for today?

2. What is one thing you are grateful for in regards to your health and physical self? This could be as basic as having eaten a nourishing meal, or a strength such as being good at a sport.

3. What is one thing you are grateful for in terms of your education, work or professional life? This could be as simple as having a job that allows you to pay your bills or perhaps you are getting closer to completing a project.

4. What is one thing you are grateful for about yourself? For example, your personality, intelligence or ability to do something well?

5. Can you think of and write down one thing you experienced today that you are grateful for because it gave you a sense of happiness or enjoyment? This could be something as small as your morning cup of coffee, or something like walking through a beautiful park on your way home, or spending time with someone special.

Stress Relief Through Gratitude
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