September 23

I had low back surgery a year ago and still have lots of pain when moving. Is there a good workout I can do that won't hurt so much?

Darryl Mills, Level 91
Darryl Mills
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tlc tlc, Level 64
tlc tlc59 points
October 7

This morning I did the Colin Triplett "Weight Loss and Strength Gain" video and realized it's perfect for exercisers who know what they are doing, but who are starting up again after a long break. It's basic, but very thorough and effective. If the side planks at the tail end don't appeal, maybe try some other favorite move. (I chose knee push-ups, squats and donkey kicks instead of the three rounds of side planks.) Good luck! ...... Strength & HIIT

Darryl Mills, Level 91
Darryl Mills1 point
September 29

Thank you TT for the kind words. I really apprciate all the help I can get. It has been a hard roller coaster this year and can't wait to get back in shape. You are awsome, thanks

tlc tlc, Level 64
tlc tlc59 points
September 24

Hi, Darryl - When I first joined Grokker 22 months ago, for my first few months I was in awe because I saw so many of your kind, encouraging comments on so many Grokker videos. So first of all, congratulations and thank you for having unknowingly encouraged this anonymous Grokker user during my first few months on this platform!
I am so sad to hear of your surgery and pain, but I know from your past comments on Grokker videos that you have the mental stamina to find your way through this very tough experience. Here are some Grokker collections that might appeal:
Mobility, Recovery, Physical Therapy:
Qigong and Taoflow:
Meditations, Yin, Pranayama:

Thanked by Darryl

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