10 Strength Training Workout Videos for Throwers

Edward Massey • March 17, 2015
Get healthier with strength training. Guys, get your desired chiseled physique and Ladies remember, 'strong is the new skinny'. Lift weight and look great!Tank Top Arms and Chest Workout by John Godfrey
1. Total Strength: Tank Top Arms and Chest
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Welcome to this chest and arm workout that is going to build, strengthen and tone your upper body. This 20 minute workout is going to test your arms to their limit with an incredible variety of of pushup variations, to give you the perfect tank top arms. Join John Godfrey in this Grokker Premium Video, and create amazing toned strong arms in just 20 minutes.
2. 4 Minutes Evil Fat Burning Workout
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Who said you can't get a great conditioning workout in anything less than 30 minutes on a slow boring treadmill? I'm here to tell you that you can. You can get the conditioning workout of your dreams (or nightmares) depending upon how you look at it! You see, some people would relish in the fact that they didn't have to do hours of drawn out cardio a week. People would love to know that they could still get plenty ripped without having to do these "road to nowhere" routines. And yes...they are routines. We bring you the new alternative to traditional cardio that not only helps you burn fat fast...but also helps you to not only preserve the muscle you've been working hard to build...but actually build new muscle as well.
3. 30 Min Total Body Intermediate Interval Workout with Dumbbells
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Burn 300 calories and fire up your metabolism. Tone, build, and sculpt your abs, core, butt, legs, arms, chest, and more. Do this workout every other day. You'll need 3-10 lbs dumbbells. Increase weight and reps as you get stronger.
4. Fat Meltdown - Full Body Kettlebell Workout Routine
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14 Minute KB full body KB workout
5. Full body extreme kettlebells interval workout: routine 4
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Finish 3 rounds of the given exercises in a circuit manner. Rest 120sec between rounds. Please note that this is an extreme level workout suitable only for people in superb shape!
6. Advanced Kettlebell Circuit
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Running through an advanced workout with a kettlebell
7. 1. Kettlebell Workouts • BEGINNERS WORKOUT
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Kettlebell Training for Beginners, Intermediate and Advance Workouts.
8. Home Back Workout
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Home back workout using only a door frame pull up bar and a pair of 15 lbs dumbbells.
9. Train with Neil Hill Y3T Back & Biceps
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Flex Lewis didn't get to the top of the podium by leaving stones unturned. He hits every workout with maximum force. He lifts heavy, works hard, and trains beyond failure. With the help of Neil Hill, Flex has turned his back into a mountainous landscape. His biceps are bigger than pythons. Think you can keep up with the big boys? When it comes to Y3T, stretching is the difference between muscle growth and calling a workout early. Flex Lewis and Neil Hill have advocated for many years that stretching between sets opens up the fascia to allow more oxygen and nutrients into the working muscle. This has allowed Flex to grow muscle injury-free. Most people neglect stretching and fail to realize that serious muscle gains come from proper stretching, even if it's only 10 minutes before and after training.
10. 44 Best Bodyweight Exercises Ever!
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Great demonstration of 44 body weight exercises you can do anywhere. Some are simple, like a pushup, but many are very advanced, such as a backflip burpee!
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