3 Toning & Sculpting Trap Workout Videos

Edward Massey • April 12, 2017
Tighten, tone, and strengthen every inch of your body with these fantastic workouts.Strength Workout 1 by Pace and Go
1. Train and Transform: Strength Workout 1
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Join Jenny and Wayne for an intense strength building session designed to work the lower body, upper body and core with 15 challenging moves. Get ready to challenge your body and feel the burn!
2. Train and Transform: Plyometric Workout 2
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In this session, Jenny and Wayne take up the intensity from your first plyometrics session. Get ready to sweat and feel great! Warning - this workout is not suitable if you have any existing injuries or medical conditions that affect your ability to exercise at a high intensity.
3. Upper Body #6 - Curls, Rows, & Chest Presses
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Welcome to the final week of Ellysia Noble's six week Lose Fat & Sculpt Yourself program designed to help you achieve your fitness goals and get in shape. Join Fitness Expert Ellysia Noble in this Grokker Premium video as she helps you to condition your upper body and core. You should be using this video to workout on Days 2 and Day 5 of the sixth week of the program.
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