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3 At Home Retreat Yoga Videos for Valentines Day

Leslie Vale • May 13, 2015
Need an easy escape? Melt away your tension, and allow these videos to take you away to a peaceful, revitalizing inner space.Yoga can be perfect for Valentine’s Day as there are so many heart-opening poses you can practise. A yoga flow and can help clear your mind and open your chest in order to be open to give and receive lots of love. You may find that the love you have is enriched and deepened through your practice.Creating Intimacy: Hands on Healing by Patrick and Carling Yoga
1. Creating Intimacy: Hands on Healing
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Get intimate. Patrick Beach and Carling Harps guide you through a couples yoga series to help promote intimacy through touch and supported postures. Understand the proper techniques for hands on adjustments and massage and take turns helping your partner experience this series of poses with more depth and sensation in this Grokker Premium video.
2. Creating Intimacy: Building Trust
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Building trust in your love life requires you to support your partner through challenges, and listen to their needs. Follow Grokker Yoga Experts Patrick Beach and Carling Harps through this sequence designed to get you upside down, challenge your balance, and playfully build the trust that you seek in love. You'll end this Grokker Premium video feeling deeply connected, and blissful. Intermediate.
3. Creating Intimacy: Partnered Postures
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Get comfortable in your relationship. In this lesson, guided by Grokker Yoga Experts Patrick Beach and Carling Harps, you will move through a series of poses designed to increase intimacy with synchronized breathing and skin to skin contact. In this Grokker Premium video, give your partner loving attention, and gentle support.
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