Energizing Yoga

6 Energizing Yoga Videos for Balance

Leslie Perryman • March 17, 2015
Need a boost? Electrify your morning or afternoon with these uplifting sequences that boost circulation, stimulate the respiratory system, and leave you feeling recharged.Yoga For Digestion by Talya Lutzker
1. Yoga For Digestion
Yoga For Digestion
Oh digestion. You can't live with it and you can't live without it! Thank goodness Talya Lutzker is here to lead you through a series of poses designed to improve digestion and increase core strength. This class is appropriate for all levels.
2. Yoga for Today
Yoga for Today
Esther Ekhart gives us a very spontaneous yoga class in this video.
3. Winter Blues & SAD
Winter Blues & SAD
Do you start to feel lethargic in the cold winter months? Try this quick routine from yoga expert Tara Stiles.
4. Total Body Yoga
Total Body Yoga
Do this routine daily to build strength and balance evenly in your entire body.
5. Weight Loss: Hips
Weight Loss: Hips
This is part 4 of your 4 week weight loss routine and it focuses on hips.
6. Beat That Run-Down Feeling & Low Energy
Beat That Run-Down Feeling & Low Energy
Forget energy drinks, produce all-day energy with this yoga routine from expert Tara Stiles.
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