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Bicep Workout

We'll start off by warming up with light weights. You could use dumbbells or a curl bar. We will do 2 sets of 10 reps as warm up. Then we are going to go straight into working sets. Working set are done at a weight where you can really only do 8-10 reps and are struggling to get up your last rep. Do 4 sets with 30 seconds rest in between sets. Next we are going to to some one arm bicep curls with dumbbells. I do them seated because it enables you to isolate you biceps a little more, and prevent you from rocking your back too much which will cause injury. Again you want to be doing 4 sets of 8 -10 reps. The next exercise is this routine is a bent over preacher curl. Position your feet about 6 inches apart, toes above your knees, and bent at the waist with your butt in the air. You want to keep your elbows on the outside of your knees, and as you curl up you want to bring your butt down and at the top of the curl really stick your elbows forward to hit your bicep peak. Try and get 5 sets of 10 reps of this exercise.
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Tiffany L.
I am already loving your site. I did the Kick Your Abs workout the other night and it nearly killed me--in an awesome way!
Tiffany L.
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