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Webinar: Empowering Women's Mental Health Through Life's Transitions

Catherine Wikholm, Level 5
Catherine Wikholm
Women’s mental wellbeing is a lifelong journey that is often affected by major life stages and transitions. From young adulthood to motherhood, career transitions or menopause, our mental health challenges evolve as we progress through life. To celebrate women and our journeys on International Women’s Day, join Grokker expert and clinical psychologist Dr. Catherine Wikholm for a special live session devoted to women’s mental health. In this session you’ll learn about: Common issues linked to specific life stages Knowing when you need mental health help Talking to others about your mental health The session will conclude with a live Q&A where you can ask Catherine your questions about navigating mental health challenges and achieving better mental wellbeing.


This is a recording of a previously-live webinar session.

Empowering Women's Mental Health
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