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HIIT Ab Circuit to Keep Your Core Tight

Le Jon Guillory, Level 109
Le Jon Guillory
Try this high-energy routine designed to tone and sculpt your abdominals. The workout consists of six exercises that hit the core from all angles. Go all out for 45 seconds on each exercise, rest for 15-20 seconds, then hit the next exercise until you have completed all six. Then repeat the circuit two more times! Don't worry, you will be able to draw strength from LeJon's fun and spirited encouragement in this Grokker Premium video. This is a challenging routine that is a great compliment to any fitness regime.


Equipment: None

Workout Details:

No warm-up or cool down

Six Exercises per Circuit; 3 Circuits total
Each Exercise performed for 45 seconds with 20 seconds rest between exercises

Side-to-Side Plank
Camel Stretch
Side Planks
Core Rotations
Heel Clicks

HIIT Ab Circuit
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Tiffany L.
I am already loving your site. I did the Kick Your Abs workout the other night and it nearly killed me--in an awesome way!
Tiffany L.
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