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Strength & Proprioception #1

Keith Lazarus, Level 2
Keith Lazarus
Proprioception is your body's sense of movement, position, and balance, and can be lost as we age, especially without regular fitness practice. In the first of Keith's proprioception trainings you'll stretch and lengthen key injury-prone areas of the spine, and then enhance your proprioception and build essential strength with dynamic moves inspired by yoga and animal flow style.


For this video you'll use dumbbells if you have them. If you don't, waterbottles or other household items work great as weights, or the loaded moves can be done with bodyweight only.

Balance & Flexibility section:
· L3 & L4 Spinal Stretches
· Hip Joint Balance
Strength Building section:
· Dead lift
· Shoulder Press
· Clean & Press
Proprioception Training section:
· Cat Cow
· Superman Position
· Crab Dip

Strength & Proprioception #1


Tiffany L.
I am already loving your site. I did the Kick Your Abs workout the other night and it nearly killed me--in an awesome way!
Tiffany L.
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