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Lean Legs: Lower Body Toning Workout

Jaime McFaden, Level 20
Jaime McFaden
Let’s be honest. Who doesn’t want hot legs? In just twenty minutes, you will sculpt your legs with expert Jaime McFaden’s innovative twists on classic lunges and raises, using nothing but your own body weight. In this Grokker Premium video, it’s easy to see how the Tone and Trim series makes your workouts fun, so they don’t feel like work!


Each move lasts 30 seconds.

Warm up:
Backwards arm circles
Hamstring curls
Greek shuffle
Toe taps
Jumping jacks

Plié squat with calf raises
Butt raises/monkey squats
Bicycle buffer
Get-lean lift (Warrior 3 reach)
Deep squat
Side lunge
Bridge with single leg lift
Donkey kicks

REPEAT circuit

Cool down:
Runner’s lunge
Hamstring stretch
Triangle pose
Switch sides
Deep breaths

Lean Legs
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Tiffany L.
I am already loving your site. I did the Kick Your Abs workout the other night and it nearly killed me--in an awesome way!
Tiffany L.
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