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CrossFit Workout - Rich Froning

I've never competed as a bodybuilder, but I trained like a bodybuilder for many years. I started doing CrossFit as a supplement to my regular training. Then, I fell in love with it and I haven't looked back! You don't have to be a CrossFit competitor to do CrossFit-style workouts. If you're a bodybuilder, physique athlete, or even someone new to fitness, you can use a CrossFit workout as your cardio day, or you can add the movements to your normal routine for a new challenge. If you want to add a CrossFit workout to your program, try this one. It's a quick, fast burner that will improve your cardiovascular fitness, muscular endurance, work capacity, and more. This workout will also help your grip and coordination. You might even learn some new movements! his workout is designed for anyone. It's a CrossFit-inspired metabolic-conditioning circuit. There's a push, a pull, and a cardio element. As soon as your push gets uncomfortable, move to the pull. When the pull becomes an issue, move to the jump rope. Jumping rope will make you tired and challenge your forearms just enough to make the other two movements a bit harder. The workout isn't fancy: You don't need much equipment, and you can do it in less than 10 minutes. This workout is done for time. Complete all the work as quickly and efficiently as possible. There are no programmed rest periods; the only breaks you get are during transitions from movement to movement. You'll begin with shoulder to overhead (STO). After you complete 15 reps, you'll go directly to pull-ups (PU) and do 15 reps. After you're done with pull-ups, you'll do 30 double-unders (DU).When you're done with the DUs, return to STO and do 12 reps. Then you'll do 12 reps of PUs and another 30 reps of DUs. You'll keep repeating that pattern. The STO and PUs will go down by three reps each set, while the double-unders remain constant at 30 reps. Shoulder to Overhead The point of this movement is to get the barbell from your shoulders to over your head. Your arms must be completely locked out and the bar must end up over the center of your body. There are three ways to do STO, which I'll go over below. Pull-Up A pull-up rep counts when your chin is above the bar. There are multiple ways to do pull-ups for a CrossFit workout. Double-Under A lot of people are going to hate these. Yes, they're difficult. The rope goes under you twice in a single jump. The trick is to keep your hands slightly in front of you and close together. The wider your hands are and the farther they are away from your body, the shorter the rope is. That's when you start smacking yourself in the shins. It might take some work to get the timing right.
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Tiffany L.
I am already loving your site. I did the Kick Your Abs workout the other night and it nearly killed me--in an awesome way!
Tiffany L.
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