Slow Videos

Slow yoga is the most common style of yoga, it involves gentle classes with no flow between postures. Yoga poses are held for a longer period of time helping you to build and strengthen your muscles and increase flexibility. Slow yoga also involves simple breathing exercises to increase the flow of oxygen to your body and allow you to remain calm during your yoga practice. Slow yoga classes are sometimes referred to as Hatha yoga and these yoga flows are great for beginners and more experienced practitioners alike. If you find this style of yoga too slow and meditative for you and are looking for something a little more athletic, you might want to try Vinyasa Flow yoga.


Thumbnail image for Lower Body Release
Celest Pereira, Level 10
Thumbnail image for Restorative Yin Practice
Amy Rogg, Level 10
Thumbnail image for Bedtime Yoga
Celest Pereira, Level 10
Thumbnail image for Gentle Evening Yoga
Celest Pereira, Level 10
Thumbnail image for Mindful Evening Yoga
Celest Pereira, Level 10