Anxiety Videos

Life can be overwhelming at times, and yoga is a great way to relieve the anxiety that can come from stressful situations. You’d be amazed to see the effects that controlling your breathing can have on your body and your overall wellbeing. Sometimes just having something else to focus on can be incredibly helpful. Boston University’s School of Medicine has been able to establish a link between yoga and mood improvements, adding to the growing evidence of yoga benefits on state of mind. Hit the mat and discover for yourself how yoga can help you to unwind and remove the clutter from a busy mind.


Thumbnail image for Yoga for Detox
Julie Montagu, Level 16
Thumbnail image for Lower Body Release
Celest Pereira, Level 10
Thumbnail image for Restorative Yin Practice
Amy Rogg, Level 10
Thumbnail image for Joint Relaxation Vinyasa
Amy Rogg, Level 10
Thumbnail image for Find Focus and Be Present
Amy Rogg, Level 10
Thumbnail image for Tension Reducing Vinyasa
Amy Rogg, Level 10
Thumbnail image for Gentle Evening Yoga
Celest Pereira, Level 10
Thumbnail image for Stress-Busting Yoga
Celest Pereira, Level 10
Thumbnail image for Mindful Evening Yoga
Celest Pereira, Level 10